Do You Know ?

Do you own your own website and need a way to get more traffic quickly?

You’re not alone–there are hundreds of people out there in the same boat and for those people I’ve compiled a short list of four traffic-generating strategies for boosting your immediate traffic with minimal investment.

1. Ad Swaps
An ad swap is based on your list subscribers and beingable to effectively convert them.
If you have a highly targeted, primed list of subscribers, you can swap an ad with a fellow marketer who also has a great mailing list.
Basially: They send your ad to their subscribers and, in exchange, you send their ad to your subscribers.
Ideally, your ad will encourage their subscribers to go to your squeeze page and sign up for your mailing list.
That way, you’ll grow your list of subscribers, which means more potential traffic and sales down the line.
First, you’ll need to develop a seed list of at least 500 readers. Initially, you can simply pay another marketer to send your ad to their list. This is called a solo ad, and it’s a good way to get started if you don’t have enough of a list to go into swapping yet.
From there, go to sites like Warrior Forums and advertise your ad swap. Other marketers are always looking for
people to swap ads with.
Remember, the true value of your list is not based on subscriber count, but the conversion rate of that subscriber count. If you get 15% conversions from your 500 people, it’s worth more than someone who gets 2% off of 2,000 people.

2. Content Syndication
Content syndication involves taking your content and getting it on other websites in the hopes of getting a slice of their traffic-pie.
Now, you don’t want to just plonk your articles or blog posts down on other websites. That’s an SEO nightmare
waiting to happen.
Instead, you want to take your most useful content and transform it into fresh media that is easy to share.
For example, lets say you have a dog training website, and you have a fantastic article on stopping dogs from
You can take that article and turn the information into an infographic, video, podcast or any other form that would fit. Don’t forget to add your brand in there somehow.
Then, take your useful new infographic, video or podcast and approach other websites in your niche to see if they want to add it to their own content.
You’re giving them your content to enhance their site, and in exchange they’ll link back to you as the creator.
It’s win/win. They can get some free content that adds value to their website, and you potentially get
some of their traffic clicking through to your website to see what else you have to say. That link doesn’t
hurt your SEO either!

3 New way for traffic
If you’re looking for new ways to produce traffic that will help you reach out to as many people as possible, think outside the box. You’ll be surprised how many good ideas are out here :

Do You Know  ?